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What We Do

In short – we protect money and property rights.

When we perform escrow we are a neutral third party, holding funds until we have ensured all conditions of your real estate closing are fulfilled. When we provide title insurance we indemnify the holder from financial loss sustained from any unknown defects in title to the property. Relatively simple when you get down to it.
And really valuable.

In this line of work, it’s okay to be a little OCD.

An obsessive attention to detail comes from treating each transaction like it’s the most important one we will ever handle…because it is to you. This is one of life’s biggest financial transactions. We act like it.

The most important protection you never knew you needed.

We wish everyone we dealt with was fair, honest and ethical, but we know that’s not the case. Over 30% of property titles have some form of defect – tax liens, undisclosed heirs, forged deeds, to mention just a few. We thoroughly examine multiple data sources and records, so when you buy, you get just what you expected. Clear, marketable, title to your property.

Our Property Information Specialists scour public records and other data resources, helping agents and other real estate professionals find consumers that need their services…and be a more valuable resource when they do.
  • Property Detail Report
  • Out of State Property Owners
  • High Equity Properties

  • Vacant Land Owners
  • And Many More…

The Section 1031 exchange is widely considered to be the last great wealth building tool available to investors. For investment or income property owners it remains an unsurpassed tool which drives equity growth, uniquely defers capital gain taxes and depreciation recapture, and overall builds value.
  • 1031 Guide
  • Keys to Exchanging

  • 1031 FAQ
  • Vesting Wizard

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