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A Balanced Approach to Tech

We are a small, tech-forward company, serving a single market, so we are nimble and can implement quickly. That being said, we are extremely picky.

If there isn’t a clear benefit to the consumer, saving time, stress or money, that has been unequivocally demonstrated, we won’t take it to market. That’s a promise.

Venmo-esque Earnest Money Deposits? Yes, please!

Through Capital Title Pay, a platform that is secure but convenient. Rather than downloading an app, taking a photo of a check, or delivering a paper check, you can easily transfer money from your bank account. Just click here, verify your identity and login to your online banking platform to instantly transfer funds. Capital Title Pay is the quickest, simplest, and most secure way to digitally send money for your real estate transaction.

A Virtual Assistant for All Your Closing Needs

Honestly, most questions received by escrow are simple and straightforward: cost estimates, signing time and location, wire instructions…and we have that data in our system. Alanna can help by immediately answering your easy questions through text-based communications. You have an issue that’s a bit more complicated? Just call, we’re here to help!

Digital Pre-Docs: Send Your Data Conveniently and Securely.

We require personal information from you to close your transaction. That’s our job. Some title companies want you to print, complete, scan, and email their forms back. Some still use mail. Ugh. We will never do this to you. Our easy to use technology electronically guides consumers through the execution of all required pre-closing documents, then returns them directly to your escrow file using the latest end-to-end encryption. We’re here to make it easy.

Remote Online Notarization

Signers can review, sign and notarize documents from anywhere in the world, if they have internet access. Most seller side transactions can be completed this way, as well as cash deals. Would you prefer a mobile or in-office session? No problem, we’ve got you covered.

eChecks – Commissions and Customer Funds Sent at the Speed of Email

Sending wires is the most secure and expedient process, but when a check is involved, we can match the pace of the digital world. Print and deposit…just like a traditional check – only faster. Can be delivered within minutes of recording numbers being received. Never worry about couriers battling traffic or racing against fed wire cut-off times again.


Please reach out to us if you have any questions about any of our Tech Tools

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